Best Birthday Gifts for Bestfriend

Birthday is an important day for everyone which is worth to celebrate. Good wishes are the best gifts, but a unique stuff for someone special is also somewhat meaningful, especially when giving a birthday gift for your best friend. A best friend is a person who is always by your side, understands you the most and always be there whenever you need them in any situation. You almost spend your whole time together with your bestie which means that you know each other very well. However, perhaps sometimes you find it difficult to choose a perfect birthday gift for your best friend. Since she or he is someone special, so you need to give something special too. Special birthday gift does not need to be expensive, luxurious or even huge. A simple thing but full of memory of your friendship can be the best gift that you can present. In the list below, you can find many best birthday gifts that you need to give to your best friend to show that you value your friendship much.

A bedside lamp with a collage of you and your best friend pictures on its frame

The bedside lamp is easy to buy since most of the furniture shop purchases this kind of lamp. It also can be a good gift that you can present to your best friend. Moreover, it can be much unique and meaningful if you put some pictures of both of you. Choose the best pictures and stick them on the frame of the bedside and this lamp can remind your best friend about the beautiful memories of your friendship. One day, no matter where you are, how far you go or apart from your best friend, he or she will always remember every single moment with you from the pictures of this unique bedside lamp.

A frame of inspirational quotes

If you want your special person to have special days, then you need to give them something special like this quotes frame. This frame will be written with some inspirational quotes that can motivate your best friend every single day. Later, they can hang this on their bedroom wall or simply put it on their study desk or work desk. It will be better if you put some quotes coming from their favorite Idol or someone that they bias the most. Not only to motivate, but it also can bring them to get back up again whenever they feel down which will be a very meaningful gift for your best friend.

A painted cup with unique sketch

For a best friend who likes to drink coffee or tea or milk a lot, you can give this to them. It will be much more special if you paint the cup yourself. However, if you feel that you can not paint that well then you may ask someone who is an expert to paint it for the cup you are going to give. So, whenever they enjoy their favorite beverage, they will also see the painting on it which immediately reminds them of you.

A beautiful scarf

This gift will be beneficial especially for winter days. It makes you warmer and prevents you from getting cold. You can start to pick kind of scarf that you think your best friend likes the most and wrap it up for him/her birthday gift. Not only worn in a winter season, but a scarf can also be used merely to complete your outfit wear. Thus, a scarf can make your best friend look much more attractive. Though people rarely give scarf as a birthday gift. However, it is still worth to present, especially for your best friend.

A cool leather wallet

The wallet is one of the most important things people use, and it is always with them whenever they go since it contains valuable cards like ID card, credit card, license and of course some cash of money. A leather wallet will be a perfect gift for your best friend, especially if he or she likes leather stuff. Besides, a leather wallet has more storage in it, so that your best friend can put on many important things like name cards, etc. Even though a leather wallet is preferable for men,  women may also like this kind of gift, and you may find some that are made for girls. This gift will be very useful and be a cool gift for your best friend birthday present.

A couple of matching shirt

A shirt is the simplest dress to wear and also much more comfortable than any other kinds of clothes. Besides, many shops sell lots of shirt in many different kinds of style and colors. For a birthday present, you can buy a couple of matching shirt which the other one you can give to your best friend. It can be a couple of different styles of shirts or a very identical one with similar picture or text or color, so you can wear out these shirts together when you hang out to some exciting places.

A unique design of journal

Writing a journal or diary will help you to recognize your schedule easily and to remind you of many activities that you have experienced. If your best friend’s hobby is writing a journal, then this will be the best gift for him or her. Many journals are sold in some shops and to make it more special, you need to find one with the best and unique design because it can attract your best friend to write more and more. Not only to remember some special memories, but this journal can also be used to remind your best friend with you as you are the one who gives it to him or her.So, those are some gifts that you can choose for your bestfriend’s birthday gift. Pick the one that you think is the best for your bestfriend. After you decide the best gift, then you may also need to wrap it in a unique way. Remember that your gift does not need to be the most beautiful or expensive, as long as it is useful and meaningful, your special friend will possibly appreciate the gift you have presented.


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